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GUI client for the Hackathon Gunther Daemon


Hgdc-X is a cross-platform desktop client for the awesome Hackathon Gunther Daemon music player project.

It is a feature complete GUI client, including SSL encryption, written in Lazarus, and is designed to target Linux (GTK2), OS X (Carbon) and Windows (Win32). Other targets and widget sets, for example FreeBSD are possible but untested.

It will build with no additional libraries (except for synapse, which is statically linked and included in the source tree), with Lazarus 0.9.30 or later.

Thanks to the hgd developers for such a great music daemon, and hence opportunity for this client to exist.

Thanks to Hannah for "GUI consultancy", Shaun for Debian/Ubuntu packaging, Ed for OS X testing and Omer for help with this site.

The logo was designed by Lucy Lindsell of theartofindigo.com and is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.



There is a git repository and issue tracker at GitHub

Screenshot Gallery

Hgdc-X on OS X
Hgdc-X on Mac
Hgdc-X on Linux
Hgdc-X on Linux
Hgdc-X on Windows
Hgdc-X on Windows

Get Hgdc-X

Precompiled binaries are available here:

Please refer to GitHub for source code for the application and this website.


If you find Hgdc-X useful, please buy me a beer! :)

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